By: mike cain
Sun Sep 19 00:53:13 1999
By mike cain
Location: moundville alabama US

Age:[ 45 ] Gender:[ m ]

	mom,i miss you everyday, my heart feels like it will never heal.I hope
you can see Kayla she is so beautiful,we named her after you Mary Kayla Cain
she is the sweetest baby and I know you would love her,we all miss you so
badly, you will alwys be in my heart,its not fair that I lost you i was lazy
and selfish i should have been there for you when dad was sick and you needed
me .you passed so quickly and i was in shock you have always been so strong
and i guess i thought you would always be here.Mom,you are my heart imiss you
so,it hurts all the time i worry that you are ok and i want to tell you that i
have always loved you and always will, i will be with you one day if god will
let me i miss you so much there are times i think i cant go on.its hard fo r
me to be around dad ,i guess i blame him a lot for your death i dont
know,please i know if you could you would let me know your ok.please ask god
to let you tell me your ok. 
                      i love you mom

-- mike cain . . .

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