By: Nellie <>
Fri May 7 17:49:53 1999
Missing You Mamma
By Nellie
Location: Palmdale CA US

Age:[ 16 ] Gender:[ f ]

Comments: My mamma changed my life forever

	My grandma(Mamma) died almost five years ago. She was diagonosed with
lukemia cancer in 1991. I remember her being a little chunky with
rosy cheeks an a beautiful smile. She was so gorgeous on the outside
but in the inside made her even more wonderful. She loved everyone
and everything. She starting getting very sick in the begining of
1995. In April she went through a treatment that cured her. I was
so happy she was back to normal healthy self but that only lasted a
couple of weeks. Then from there everything went down hill. The doctor
informed her that she only had a month left. She wanted to be with
her family. I couldn't take that information truthfully. I didn't
believe it because she was just healthy. Why was God doing this to
her. She did everything right she never did anything wrong. She fought
so hard to stay alive and be with us. The pain that she went through
was unbearable. I wish I could have taken her pain away. The hardest
thing to do was to tell her that we'd be ok and that she could let
go. I didn't want her to go. But years later I realized why we let
her go. God needed another angel in His kingdom so He called upon
our angel to help him out. I miss her so much. I think about her
all the time. I wonder what I would have been if she was still with
me. The holidays would be beautiful and my days would be nothing but
happiness of being with her.

-- Nellie . . . [ ]

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