By: Linda A. Wagner <lwagner54 at>
Sun Jul 31 16:42:59 2005
Forgive Me Son
I'll be with you soon
By Linda A. Wagner
Location: Glendale Arizona US

Age:[ 60 ] Gender:[ F ]

My Last Kiss

Ben was in the hospital for a period of a week and they could not find
what was wrong with him. Being Ben was only 35, oh no, he could not

It was his last night in the hospital and he walked us all down from
his room, as I was leaving he kissed and said I love you mom...I did
not and will never forget that kiss.

Never trust a doctor when he is not listening.

I tried to tell them of my family history with heart problems and that
my whole family died at an young age, but no I was just a mother who
was a nurse.

Ben died the morning he was to come home.

   "You can take little vacations from grief, but it's always there"

-- Linda A. Wagner <lwagner54 at>

Sun Jul 31 16:42:59 2005
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