By: Neil <>
Sat Jul 4 16:56:48 1998
In memory of Little Ted,
Love from Big Ted
By Neil
Age:[ 26 ] Gender:[ m ]

I have just lost my dear brother, Kevin, aged 26.  He died as a result
of an epileptic seizure in his sleep.  I am cut up about it of course,
but I have this overwhelming feeling that now he is in peace, he has no
more suffering, for who can deny that life itself is painfull. 
Sometimes none more so when we look death straight between the eyes but
he turns away from us - this time.  My familly are Baptists, but
I must admit to the fact that I'm not practising.  This does not mean I
don't believe, because I do.

I believe that Kevin can see me now,
I believe that he can feel me now,
I believe that he is with the light,
The light that illuminates the world,
The light that repeatedly rises above the distant horizon,
The horizon that's impossible to touch or go to,
The horizon between the worlds of Here and There,
And then as surely as it came,
The horizon that takes it away.
For I see it everyday.

In everlasting loving memory of Kevin Andrew Simmonds.
29 November 1971 - 29 June 1998

Thank you for helping me get that out.  I'm sure there's more to come.


-- Neil . . . [ ]

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