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Mon Mar 17 16:32:31 1997
Memories Remain

By B.
Location: Littlerock CA US

Age:[ ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: Enjoys : poetry, misc. short stories, helping people, music, the occult.


A loved one dies,
You stand in the shadows quietly watching those who cry.
You feel wrong for the emotions youíre showing,
But what you are feeling is so strong.
You glance down to the broken ground before you,
Knowing it contains many people of families past.
You give in with a frown,
A single tear dripping down your face as you look away.
The memories remain.
Someone comes to you and says a story that pains,
You look on with sullen eyes,
The memory you contain will remain,
No one can take that from you.
You heal yourself by thinking back,
Remembering the good as well as the bad.
The memory will remain,
They canít take it from you.
Give into the spirituality that lies within your grasp.
Iím not content,
You donít understand.
We shall all die,
Memories remain.
-- B.

-- B. . . . [ ]

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