By: Charlotte's mum
Mon Mar 27 22:10:59 2006
for charlotte
By Charlotte's mum
Age:[ 25 ] Gender:[ F ]

To my little girl, Charlotte,

I only had you for such a short time yet I miss you so much.  You brought so much happiness, not 
only to me but to your daddy and your grandma too.  We all miss you.  Each in our own way.  

I think of you every day and hope one day I will be with you again.  Always know that your mummy 
loves you.  I look forward to the day that I get to hold you, little one.  I will never forget you.  

Even when you eventually have little brothers and sisters, I will always remember you, my beautiful 
little eldest girl.  I'm just sorry they will never get to meet their big sister in this life.  

Please watch over us all.  Know that I'm sending you hugs in my mind all the time.  

Until I get to see you,

All my love,


-- Charlotte's mum . . .

Mon Mar 27 22:10:59 2006
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