Thu Dec 30 22:35:44 2004
16 and so full of life...
Age:[ 14 ] Gender:[ F ]

Matthew was a wonderful boy, or should I say man. He was
16, had just gotten his license that month, and worked
3 jobs becuase his family wasnt that fortunate. He died
in a car accident that they say killed him instantly
because he fell asleep but i feel that that is not fair
to Matthew. 

He was one of the people who you thought would make it so
far in life, he was smart, funny, cute, popular, he was the
total package and to say he fell asleep is injustice. Part
of the reason i feel this way is because a week after he
died i had a dream about the accident. I was sitting in
the car, right there in the passengers seat. He had passed
out and fell to the side of the seat. I yelled at him to
get up, i yelled as loud as I could, he didnt wake up. He
just layed there. 

He drifted off the road and I tried to grab the wheel but
nothin happened. My hand went straight through it like I
was some kind of ghost. We went down the embankment and
i woke up crying and sweating. I can still remember the
day I found out. I was at my friends house and her aunt
had told us that she heard there had been an accident. We
couldnt beleive it, we thought she had mad some mistake,
we prayed that night that it wasnt him. I got a call from
my mom that morning and it was him.

This website is so great because I think I have a
problem. Im so emotionally strong and for the last week
Ive just wanted to cry. At times it is so hard but at
times it is easier. I never got through one day without
thinking about him. 

I need to cry and i loved him so much but it is so hard for
me to cry. Just please, Matthew was someone that I took for
granted and I never got to tell him goodbye so here,^M

Goodbye matthew, you were the greatest person, the greatest
friend, the greatest human being to grace this earth and
god said it was time to go for you. We all miss you so
dearly and you will always be in our hearts for ever. I
love you. here's something me and Ashley wrote you... 

	i saw your mom today,
	she said she was doing fine,
	i couldnt help but think of you,
	which only made me cry,
	i cant help but think about 
		the pain u must have felt,
	its impossible to explain what was 
		running through your mind, 
	as u took your final breath,
	i think about you everyday,
	and i never will forget,
	how you always made the best out of life,
	no matter the problems you were dealt!

		RIP baby...

-- . . .

Thu Dec 30 22:35:44 2004
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