By: Her Suzie <>
Fri Jul 23 15:13:55 1999
My loving Mother, Best friend, confidante
By Her Suzie
Location: Sylacauga Alabama US

Age:[ 41 ] Gender:[ f ]

	My Dearest Mother,
 YOU gave so much in your life and lost so much
in the process.  I thank God that he gave me to you,, I admired
you so very much Mother, you are one of the strongest human beings
that ever graced this planet, and your will was tested more than
 Thank you for giving me life, and for saving my life again.
You meant so much to me, I have lost so much when you died, but I know
now that you are happy, breathing freely and with your daddy again.

 Mother, I have spent many a night Praying for one more chance, I
wish I would have stayed with you that night, who would have known I
would never talk to you again,, thank God my last words to you were
"I love you" cause thats about the greatest way to express what you
meant to me and my brothers.
 Mother, I hope finally your happy,
content and living to the fullest, I know that I miss you so very much.
Things have changed in my life dramatically and I really have needed
your guidance and support, but I know in my heart you are there.
 Your daughter,

-- Her Suzie . . . [ ]

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