By: Kathy Ann <>
Tue Feb 10 19:11:44 1998
My Mother Who I miss and will never forget
Muriel Sylvia Hardin
By Kathy Ann
Location: Ft. Smith AR US

Age:[ 39 ] Gender:[ f ]

	I thought that my mother would be here with me many more years than the 64
years that she was.  She moved here from England when she was 16 with her mother and
father and sister.  Her brother stayed in England.  Her & my dad had a very happy
marriage and throughout my childhood I cannot remember even one cross word being
said between them.  Her parents lived to be 90 and so I figured she would also.  My
mother always wanted to return to her homeland for a visit and planned for it almost
a year when she finally decided to go.  They were going to go in July 1996.  I was
pregnant and due in June 1996.  She learned about her brother having a heart attac k
in February and I told her to go ahead and go, I was afraid that he may die before
she had a chance to get there, but she refused, saying she wanted to be here for our
second child to be born.  She was and she loved him from the minute that he was
conce ived, almost more than I did, it seemed.  I allready had a daughter, Sarah,
that was very close to her grandmother.  A week before they were set to go to
England mom and dad came up and mom sat for 3 or 4 hours holding her new grandson
and playing with th e grandaughter that she thought could do no wrong.  My husband
made her lunch, which she said was the best she ever ate. (and meant it).  She was
happy with the simplest of things.  As she was leaving that day, she would not say
good bye, saying that she would see me again soon.  I never did.  Into her third
week in England she died of a massive heart attack.  My father was devasted and I
was afraid that he would not make it back to the U.S.  The were married 45 years. 
It was very very shocking and h orrible thing that had happened.  For months I felt
like she was still in England enjoying herself and would return.  I would pick up
the phone to tell her the new things that her grandson and granddaughter had done,
only to remember she was not on the ot her end.  We had grown even closer in the
last 10 years that she was alive, mainly because of my husband, who also loved her
very much.  I had to try to explain death to my daughter, who to this day does not
understand why she can't see grandma.  She woul d ask her dad to take her to see
grandma while I was at work, thinking I was keeping her from her. My beautiful
little boy will never enjoy the love that his grandmother felt for him or know how
wonderful she was.  At least Sarah will.  She paid me a wond erful compliment a few
months ago, she told me I was just like grandma.  I miss my mother more than words
can express and think about her daily. It seems so unfair that she was taken away so
soon from us.  I know if anyone is in heaven, she is.  She was the warmest, loving
person I think I will ever know.  I only hope that I show what she has taught me in
the things that I do, for I was very proud of her.  I love you mom and miss you

-- Kathy Ann . . . [ ]

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