By: Shaz <>
Sat Sep 7 03:47:10 2002
By shaz
Age:[ 31 ] Gender:[ F ]

i feel like sone one has put their hand in and ripped my heart out!!!
thats the only way i can start this, im a 31year old woman with 3
why do i feel 12 and vunrable?!

my dad died of cancer about 8 months ago just b4 christmas and and my
heart was broken i was "daddys girl" and seeing him lyinig not big and
strong anymore not beenig able to help him destroyd me. my mom was my rock
the support i needed, allways positive ringing me everyday they were
devorced but still very close. my mom was poorly herself and with asthma
we got closer than we ever had. 

Then 7 weeks ago she died sudduenly. now im lost! it hurts so
trying to be strong for my husband and kids but its hard. i feel so
cheated my heart hurts.  i found this site and it helps but only a bit!!! 

-- Shaz <>

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