My Dad
Thu Jan 9 10:44:33 2003
By lisa
Age:[ 31 ] Gender:[ f ]

My dad died on April 17 of 2002.  It was sudden even though we knew it
was going to happen.  He was 65 and not in very good shape.  He died
in his sleep.  Where he wanted to at home.  I still find myself
looking for him, and thinking he's gonna walk through the door, or
try to scare me.  He always tried to do that.  

We fought off and on
that hurts me when I think about it. My mom always said we acted so
much alike, and that he'd never die as long as I was living because
we acted so much alike. He was my best friend, I could talk to him
about anything.  

The term daddy's little girl, that was me.  I know he's not hurting
anymore, and I'm thank full for that.  I just wish I was able to put
my arms around him one more time and tell him I loved him so.  I
think he knows that, I hope.  

We all love and miss him so. It hurts soo bad, I feel so empty

-- lisa . . .

Thu Jan 9 10:44:33 2003
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