By: Lucille Meisenhelder <>
Mon Dec 31 13:56:12 2012
Letting go of Grief
My tears may have stopped, but my heart still grives
By Lucille Meisenhelder
Location: Dale Wi. US

Age:[ 73 ] Gender:[ F ]

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Letting go of grief
A woman had a child, a sweet and loving son 
but now he's up in heaven, his time with God's begun 
His time on earth was joyous and brief, 
And now she's suffering pain and grief. 
Is he happy, is he safe, these are all her fears 
And every day she thinks of him and sheds so many tears. 
But then one night, in deepest sleep 
into her dreams a vision did creep. 
A look past Heaven's pearly gate 
To catch a glimpse of her son's fate. 
Thousands of young people were passing by A great white throne set way up high. 
Though others were joyous in this procession 
His face was downcast in depression. 
They all carried candles as bright as the sun 
But he walked in the shadows, the only one. 
His Mother stared in disbelief, 
Overcome with sadness and with grief. 
"Why is it son, that they see fit, 
To make you march with candle unlit?" 
"They often relight it, they often try, 
But your tears put it out every time you cry." 
His Mother awoke and knew in her heart, 
It was time to let go and to make a new start.
Author:Mike Lizonitz
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-- Lucille Meisenhelder <>

Mon Dec 31 13:56:12 2012
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