By: stefanie smith
Wed Mar 15 06:51:11 2006
I miss my only daughter
By Stefanie Smith
Location: Hillsboro Missouri US

Age:[ 32 ] Gender:[ f ]

My daughter Kymber Marie Smith was killed in a car accident on 8-1-2001.

She was the light for so many people.  She had a special aura about 
her that anyone that ever knew her could tell you.

She was only 7 when she was taken from us but on her headstone 
there is a poem that says the stars that shine so brightly 
across the midnight sky may not be stars at all, you know, 
but really angels' eyes.

So whenever you're really missing your special loved one look up 
into the nighttime sky and really look at the stars. 

I love you Kymber

	Love, Mommy

-- stefanie smith . . .

Wed Mar 15 06:51:11 2006
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