By: Kim <>
Fri Jul 30 08:46:45 1999
I miss my brother...7 months and it still hurts
By Kim
Location: CT US

Age:[ 31 ] Gender:[ F ]

	I lost my brother on Dec. 19, 1998. He was 34 years old and he died
within 4 weeks of finding his cancer had returned. I miss him everyday
and go to weekly greif counceling which seems to help somewhat. It
hurts - it hurts so bad - sometimes I think it wasnt real - he is
still here and I can beep him - but I cant - I am alone now, the
only child. He was supposed to be there when our parents got old
and needed help. Now I am alone. My kids no longer have an uncle or
a godfather. What do I tell such young children? It hurts. Everyone
says time heals all...what do they know? As time goes on it hurts
more. I miss him, Scott I love you, everyday I think of you and your
smile with your dimples and your sparkling blue eyes. You made a mark
on this life - one that has affected more lives than you know. But
I feel so alone now, I need my big brother, you were always there to
protect me. And I will love you always. Your little sister...xoxo

-- Kim . . . [ ]

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