By: Kevin's Mom 'Lucille" <lmeisenhelder at>
Tue Feb 6 16:50:15 2007
Another Year
without you here
By Kevin's Mom 'Lucille"
Location: Dale Wi US

Age:[ 67 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: Kevin was a middle son of 5 boy's. and over the year's I have written a book,To' an about' Kevin which I told myself when it was finished, so would my grieving period. but after 12 year's the book has 2 pages left. and I loath to end it.

Where are the years going? I have about finished the book, I started when you left us.. what now? The sand in the hour 
glass has all but sifted threw, The grief has lessened, and my tears aren't as often, But the hole that was left in my 
heart will never mend completely.

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-- Kevin's Mom 'Lucille" <lmeisenhelder at>

Tue Feb 6 16:50:15 2007
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