By: Kevin's Mom <>
Sat Feb 9 03:53:36 2008
Once Again
By Kevin's Mom
Location: Dale Wi US

Age:[ 68 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: I wonder why it is we learn too late, Family is the most important thing we'll ever aquire in our lifetime.

	Time Passes, and grief and heartache lessen somewhat, but memories
don't fade.And so again this Feb, my thought's turn to you and to
your Birthday Feb 12 How much older you would be, what your life
would have been like, Your Brother and I took that trip to devil's
Lake last Oct, and scattered your ashes from the top of your favorite
climb. He left your picture tacked to a tree near by. It was a very
cold, wet and very windy day, I'm sure you would have been laughing,
seeing Dane trying to threw you into the wind. Your forever in our
heart's and memories, and always will be Dear Son'  Love Mom

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-- Kevin's Mom <>

Sat Feb 9 03:53:36 2008
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