By: Kehndras Dad <>
Tue Jun 25 12:55:48 2002
Kehndra Isakson ,I miss you ! from Dad
By Kehndras Dad
Location: Salt Lake City Utah US

Age:[ 40 ] Gender:[ M ]

	 Kehndra was our beautiful 19 year old daughter, She was at a party
 when some uninvited guests were asked to leave, they were not happy
 about being asked to leave so they pulled out their guns and started
 shooting. Five teenagers were hit by flying bullets that night of
 September 29 2001 and our daughter Kehndra was the only fatality
 leaving behind her 18 month old baby girl Angel. That night is the
 most painful memory of my life. My 16 year old daughter was standing
 next to Kehndra when she was stuck by the bullet. I grieve for my
 family every day. I feel so helpless in helping them get through
 this when it's so hard to get myself through the day. I came across
 this web page and read some of  what people have wriiten, I feel
 all of your pain and I'm truly sorry. Kehndra I miss you so much
 our lives are not complete without you here. You are invited to view
 Kehndras webb site at and scroll to memorial web pages,
 go to Kehndra Isakson. Please feel free to sign her guest book.
 Thank you Kehndra's Dad

-- Kehndras Dad <>

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