By: Julie Millspaugh <>
Mon Jun 1 16:38:58 1998
Grandpa Bob
By Julie Millspaugh
Location: CT US

Age:[ 16 ] Gender:[ female ]

	Hi, This story comes straight from my heart. I really don't know any
other  way to explain it. A year and a half ago I lost my grandfather
in a tragic car accident on December 4,1996. I had always loved my
grandfather but never really realized how much he meant to me untill
he was gone.  

 Maybe I was stupid or just still had some of my childhood cluelessness
 but I never thought anyone in my family would die. I thought we would
 always be together. Let alone did i ever think a death would affect
 me and hurt me the way it did.

    I am 16 years old and this was the first death I had ever had to
    experience. After he died I had a part of my childhood ripped from
    me and was instantly forced to become an adult...the hard way. 

     Of course I remember the good times we shared and the memories
     that my family had with him but one thing still is missing his
     physical being. I miss giving him hugs, smelling the old spice
     aftershave on his sweaters or sitting on his lap looking at the
     Christmas tree waiting for Santa Claus. 

      I miss him so much and he will always be with me. But I needed
      some tipe of closure to end the legacy of his life and to let
      him move on and be happy. Not that I could ever forget the major
      impact he had on my life. I would trade anything in this whole
      wide world to see him one more time. People always say life
      goes by so quickly and you never know when it'g gonna end and
      that's true.

       I'm sorry my life with my grandfather had to be cut short so
       quickly...I mean half of me feels like I didn't even know
       him...he had so much more that he had to teach me, so much
       we had to do together, so much we will never be able to do
       now. I always took him for granted and sometimes thought he
       was a royal pain in the ass! Now that he's gone I wish he was
       with me. I know I was always a good granddaughter,and that
       my parents,through thick and thin, were always good to him. I
       just hope he's happy and has no more saddness or pain.

              Thanks for listning to my story i needed to get it out.

                  Grandpa Bob I love you!

                    In Memory of Robert C Barry

                              We will love you forever

-- Julie Millspaugh . . . [ ]

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