By: Stephanie Sunderland <>
Sat Apr 18 03:27:03 1998
A life is like a song
By Stephanie Sunderland
Location: stanwood WA US

Age:[ 23 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: I love the Bible, and I love to sing

        Shanna Gene Cole was only 26 when her husband killed her.Here's my
tribute. "A life is like a song, we write in our own tone and key.
Each life we touch reflects a note that forms the melody. We choose
the theme and chorus of the song to bear our name. And each will
have a special sound , no two can be the same. So when someone we love
departs, in memory we find...  Their song plays on within the hearts,
of those they leave behind."  I love you, and I'm looking forward to
seeing you, in Paradise.           Agape, Stephanie

-- Stephanie Sunderland . . m [ ]

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