By: Candy <>
Tue Mar 13 19:19:38 2001
How does the world go on without my mother?
By Candy
Location: Junction City IL US

Age:[ 29 ] Gender:[ F ]

	I was adopted by my grandparents the day I was born. I never knew the
truth until many years later. My mother told me I was hers and nobody
could ever take me away. I may never know the safety of her arms again
but I will never forget the way it felt when I was a child. I sometimes
feel I cant go another day without her by my side. I wonder how long
the pain of loosing her will last. Will I ever be happy again. On
my happiest day now, I can still cry at the bat of an eye. Her name
is as sweet as an angels breath. Ruth. I wonder if any other death
in this world has caused as much pain. It has been almost 2years
since she passed. I never went a day without talking to her. Today
I stopped at her grave just to kiss the ground where we placed her.I
pray everyday for the strength to go on. I miss you mom.Candy

-- Candy <>

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