By: A great mate ("Princess")
Wed Dec 14 05:16:41 2005
By A great mate ("Princess")
Location: Adelaide South Australia Australia

Age:[ 24 ] Gender:[ F ]

Stacey Lee Hutchins was loud, opinionated, funny, beautiful and 
for all these reasons we all loved her. Music was her passion, 
and she followed this right through to her final moments.

Stacey died as the result of a (suspected) accidental heroin OD 
on the 29th July 2005, aged 25, in Melbourne, Australia.

Although she had been living in Melbourne for the past few 
years, and had many friends there, her family and many of her 
good friends resided in her home-town of Adelaide, South 

Stacey was a genuine friend; she always stuck up for her 
friends no matter what, and always made sure that she kept in 
touch and did little things like remembering birthdays, and 
occasionally sending letters.

Stacey struggled with her addiction for the final couple of 
years of her life, and thought I cannot tell you why she began 
with this, or why such a strong girl like her did not survive 
it, I can say that Stacey was unique, special, and left a hole 
in the lives of everyone she knew.

She was a musician, and played with the Melbourne based punk 
bank, The Truck Stop Diner Dolls.

She was also a seamstress, having taught herself to sew and 
making or altering many of her clothes. She was fluent in the 
Japanese language, professional at styling and dying her own 
hair, and had a knack for writing and playing music that made 
everyone stop and take notice.

Stacey's funeral was held in Gawler, just out of Adelaide, in 
which her favourite music was played, her baby pictures were 
shown, and many who loved and admired her got up to speak on 
her behalf, myself included.

We miss you Stacey; that will never change. Your memory will 
walk though life with everyone who knew you. God bless...

2 July 1980 - 29 July 2005
      Aged 25 years.

-- A great mate ("Princess") . . .

Wed Dec 14 05:16:41 2005
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