By: Cathy <>
Thu Dec 28 19:37:15 2000
Marie & Joe
How I miss you more every day!
By Cathy
Location: Gainesville Va US

Age:[ 29 ] Gender:[ F ]

	This is in the warmest memories of my dear Aunt Marie and her son My cousin Joe. Joe
passed away first he was so young only 28 and oh, how I miss him so. He was more of a
brother to me. He lived with us when I was still living at home with my parents and would
drive me to school and take me shopping and get our hair cut together.  

His life was snuffed out so misteriously. The Poplice say it was suicide but I somehow
refuse to believe that it was like that there was to many things that don't make since! 

My Aunt took the news so very hard, He was her only son. She loved him more than living.
Marie was struck with kidney cancer a short time later and died just 1 year and 6 months
after Joe. 

Marie was my favorite Aunt I still have every letter and every thing that she ever gave me.
Marie was my mothers bestfriend. It has been 11 years since Joe's passing and I miss him
like it were yesterday.  

I do not believe in the saying that time heals all wounds. My only seem to get deeper. 

To Marie: & To Joe: 

I miss and love you both very much.

Thank you Marie for all the long walks down the dirt road at Canvas 
  and all the peanut butter cookies and homemade fuge. The memories
  will be in my heart forever!

Joe, How I miss those silly sun glasses when it was dark outside,
  and all the stories that you use to tell me about grandma Auxier, 
  all the long talks and the shopping mall walks. I miss you more
  than words can say. I'll keep you in my heart forever and ever
  and I will see you again someday.

All my love forever,

-- Cathy . . . [ ]

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