Sat Nov 6 21:18:34 1999
By momma
Location: Southaven ms US

Age:[ 47 ] Gender:[ f ]

	This is a letter to my son Scottie. He was murdered at the age of 22,
June 7, 1997. Scott, I think of you everyday and I know you are just
around the corner. I feel your presence often. I would give my life
for yours any minute, if possible. I only hope you know how much you
were loved and how much I miss you. You and I were so much alike. No
wonder we grated on each other's nerves. But you were also the one
I always counted on. I miss you beyond belief. I sometimes listen
for your car, thinking you must be home soon. Please wait and be
there for me. I know when I die you will be the one thing I'll be
looking for. Until then I will continue to do the business of living,
no matter how it hurts. I love you so much. I believe you can fly.

-- momma . . . [ CAMCORT=at=PRODIGY.NET ]

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