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Thu Mar 20 20:46:02 1997
Grandpa M
By his granddaughter
Location: Flint Michigan US

Age:[ 24 ] Gender:[ F ]


	My Grandpa M (as we called him when talking about our
grandfathers) passed away on March 18, 1997.  That was two days ago.  I
loved him very much, but never really realized how much until he was gone. 
I still don't know that it has entirely hit home yet, but this site and
this space is helping me deal with my grief, which is in the early stages.
Grandpa M. will be buried tomorrow, so I think being there, even though
there isn't going to be a graveside service, will provide a lot of
closure.  I am still feeling really guilty that until the day he died I
hadn't seen him in almost a year.  That's an issue that I will still have
to come to grips with.  I have many wonderful memories of him.  He was a
talented man.  He made many wonderful toys for his children that his
grandchildren all played with, and I hope this his great-grandchildren
will get to play with them too.  He was very talented when it came to
working with wood.  Although he only had an eigth grade education, he was
one of the most intelligent people I ever knew.  If something broke, no
matter what it was, he could fix it.  If he couldn't, it couldn't be

I remember as a kid when I went to Grandpa M's house, he always had a box
of Cracker Jacks waiting for me and my brother!  I remember that as soon
as we walked in the door and said our hello's, my brother and I would race
to the kitchen to make sure that Grandpa M remembered to buy the Cracker

Grandpa M almost always had a pet dog, there was Susie 1, Kelly, Suzy 2,
Shiela and then Dakota (Coty for short).  I only knew the later three

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