By: Norma Padro <>
Sun Feb 5 11:26:01 2006
A gift from Heaven
By Norma Padro
Location: New York New York US

Age:[ 40 ] Gender:[ F ]

This memorial dedication is for my mother that passed on Nov 17, 2005.

They say the biggest gift in life is to see your child being born. I also think 
that they left out to mention that it's also a gift from god when he chooses you on 
your mother's last days to spend it with her.

I am saddened for my mother's death, but am in a way glad she died in the security 
of my arms.

You see all I ever wanted for my mom was health and happiness. I'm sure the day she 
held me for the first time she hoped the best for me.

I know she is watching me from heaven. I just hope she knows that she was safe in 
my arms when she left.

I love you mami. Norma

-- Norma Padro <>

Sun Feb 5 11:26:01 2006
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