By: Missy <>
Fri Oct 26 05:03:33 2001
To My Unborn Babies
Remembered Always by Mama, Never Forgotten
By Missy
Age:[ 38 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: All up I have five beautiful children and two adorable grandchildren and I am a Reiki 1 practitioner, and spiritually seeking our Divine Grace

	Without getting into my her-story, I felt I needed to put a 
memorial here for my two babies that were unborn because of terminations.
Reasons being, unstable relationship and career prospects - both
reasons unjustified. I know that now. The decision was not an easy
one, both times I cried up to the apptmt dates.

The day before the operation I had a dream. A golden haired boy about
2-3 yrs old stands in front of me, I can't see his face, but I hear him
speak. He asks me - Mummy, don't you want me?

My heart swells with love and hurt - Ooohhh ---- I am sorry my darling,
but Mummy can't have you, I'm sorry, I say to my golden haired boy. 

A shadow/glow man appears to be holding his hand and leads him away from
me. The boy turns to look at me as he is led away. My heart swells with
hurt and aches - and I awake and burst into tears, very upset by this
dream. I tell the father about the dream, but the apptmt had already
been made and I was flying to Ozzie for training at my new job. 

Our truck axle breaks outside the clinic, I become fretful and tell him
that this is a bad sign, but I go thru with the termination. 

I have since had three babies, but never have I forgotten my other two
that were unborn, and how very sorry I am that I couldn't have you,
forgive me my little darlings. Please Forgive Me. 

Love Mama....

-- Missy <>

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