By: Clarice <>
Mon Jan 6 09:44:14 2003
Mom, I miss my friend!
By Clarice
Location: Texas US

Age:[ 51 ] Gender:[ f ]

Mom, For ten years you were like my child. You were unable to care
for yourself. I hope you know how I was glad to have the chance to
return the love and care you gave me. I hope you heard me and all
those by you at your time of death how much you were loved. 

It was the most precious time in my life. To be holding you at your
last breath was more than I could have asked for. I know I took care
of you until the end. I hope you are not afraid anymore.

If I only knew that you heard me tell you how much I loved you? How
you were my best friend? That you were a good Mother? Who will tell
me stories of my life as a child or our grandchildren and your
great-grand children?

I miss you more everyday. All the kids miss your loving touch, too.
Bye for now.
	Love your best friend

-- Clarice <>

Mon Jan 6 09:44:14 2003
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