By: Heather <>
Fri Jul 17 09:54:15 1998
NATEDOG, We all miss you.
lots of people really did care about you.
By Heather
Location: Fort Collins CO US

Age:[ 18 ] Gender:[ F ]

	My dear sweet Nate, where do I start. Well, this summer was supposed to
be a good one, I just graduated, so Nate, Jerod and I were supposed
to take a road trip to Seattle, no parents, just us, three 18 yr
olds. We've all been friends for 3 years, nate and jerod met in 9th
grade, then i came along, Im still Jerods girl, nate was really cool,
he always accepted me, he made fun of me a lot, but I made fun of
him too. We always had fun, even if we were'nt exactly sober all of
the time. Nate was loved by all who knew him. Nate why Nate?  he was
going with a girl, she is really cool. we still hang out with her,
Nate was a little depressed (He had been quite sober for a while)
so his parents took him to the doctor to get Prozac. PROZAC IS NOT
ALWAYS THE ANSWER!!!!! when someone doesn't trully need prozac, it can
cause some serious damage.Well, the aeriuos damage has now been done,
my friend nate is dead. he was really suicidal all of the sudden,
he walked about 8 miles down a busy highway, he walked in the middle,
hoping that someone would run him over. When he got into the middle of
town he called his girl, he told her what he had done. She immediatly
called the police and told them what was going on, they said that
they would investigate. His girl got there and asked the cops if they
could take him to the hospital, or put him into custodt so that he
couldnt hurt himself. The cops said that Nate had broken no laws,
and didnt have any evidence of past attempts. Keep in mind that the
cops are supposed to help, not hurt. Nate always wore long sleeves, if
the cops would have told him to lift his shirt they would have found
Nate's previous damage to himself. If they would have searched him
for weapons, they would have found a bag of marijuana in his pocket,
that would have given them a reason to take him into custody. His
Girl took him home and told his parents what had happened, his parents
made him promise that he would not kill himself that night, then they
told him to take his prozac and go to bed, it would all be better in
the morning. Nate woke up the next morning, his last morning that he
would ever have. Nates parents went to work as usual they left lots
of guns and lots of ammo and lots of liqour as usual, Nate called his
girl to see if she was awake, he woke her from her sleep, he told
her to tell Jerod that he was sorry for being dumb the last couple
of days, then he told her to call him when she woke up, Nate drank
all of the liqour in the house, then he found a gun, a loaded gun,
he shot himself in the stoumach and then in the head. seeing my best
friends all crying, and Nates body in the casket was so traumatic
for me I will never ever forget it. The good pictures of Nate stand
in my mind, everytime that I think of all of the good times we had,
i end up seeing the picture of him in a casket. Nate, why Nate?

-- Heather . . . [ ]

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