By: Richard <>
Sun Aug 2 08:07:16 1998
Death of My father in law
And its impact on me
By Richard
Location: Kuala Lumpur WP Malaysia

Age:[ 31 ] Gender:[ m ]

	My father in law passed away on Jul 28 98. He was 71. He suffered
stroke and was bed ridden for two years. I fell sad and ashamed for
not being able to share his agony throughout his illness. 
  His death has reminded me again that one day I will die too. I
  feel a kind of numbing fear evertime I thought about my death in
  future. How does it feel? Where do I end up? Does it mean I will
  loose everything I have and enjoy in this world? 
 Why then we are born and live afterall?   The intensity of the fear
was so great that it seem to freeze my brain and I feel cold through
out the body. Sometime it makes me loosing courage and motivation to
live on.   Do I need help? I will be grateful to receive any kind
of advise from those who can help me.   Yours,  Richard 

-- Richard . . . [ ]

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