By: Miguel <>
Fri Aug 28 19:22:25 1998
My grandfather
By Miguel
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	My grandfather Fausto died a few hours ago. Ninety seven years
old. He died in Tupiza, a small town in Bolivia's south (near the
border with Argentina). Although I never got to know him very well,
everyone who did has only kind words to say about him. A few minutes
after I found out that he had died the first thing that came to my
mind is that I would like to become a better man, perhaps to be more
like him. I also remembered that a few years ago my Mom told me that
he had always dreamed of traveling around Europe. For one reason or
other he never made it there. When I travel to Europe I will take
his memory with me. I know he will enjoy it. I should have told him
that one of the things that I have always wanted to do was to buy him
tickets so that he could realize his dream. Well... I hope that if
someone ever reads about my grandfather Fausto they will also think
about him if they ever travel to Europe.

-- Miguel . . . [ ]

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