By: John Kench <>
Sat Jan 23 20:58:53 1999
Farewell dear Sister
By John Kench
Location: Gosford NSW Australia

Age:[ 62 ] Gender:[ M ]

Comments: I am a serious student/writer of spirituality

	It is Christmas morning 1998 and I have just received the tragic news that my darling sister, Barbara, has died after a brief, but courageous fight with multiple Melanomas. What thoughts come flooding into my brain as I contemplate the outcome of this dr
eadful situation.

I think of her totally devoted husband who has selflessly cared for her over many years while she was fighting Arthritis,and who is now facing a huge challenge in his own life. 

I think of three wonderful children who are now without their mother.

I think of the lovely granddaughter who will never get to know a wonderful woman.

I think of our childhood when we were inseperable mates.

I think of a very brave, strong woman who battled the pain of severe Arthritis for over twenty years, coping with many severe operations during that time.

I think of the challenge to me personally. Although I know why she has departed at the relatively young age of 59, I still feel the very human emotion of overwhelming grief.

I think of the totally selfless woman who always had time to listen to everyone elses problems and very rarely spoke of her own.

And, most importantly, I give thanks for the fact that she was my sister and was so large a part of so many lives- lives that are so much richer for having known her.

Her last weeks were comfortable but very distressing for her family and friends. She knew that she was not going to recover and had some chats, and prayers, with the local priest who was also a family friend.

The day after her death, I was thinking about all of this and how she would fare on the other side (she was not a great believer in the adterlife) when I became aware of her presence- not ina  dramatic form like an apparition, but I just KNEW it was Barba
ra. She said to me  (not in a human voice, but as thought) and these are her exact words: "You must believe John. Just believe. This place is much mre beautiful anbd wonderful than you could ever imagine."

I can not possibly put into words the feeling of utter peace and relief those words gave me. I knew there was an afterlife but, after this, I knew that she had found it too.

-- John Kench . . . [ ]

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