By: Rebecca J. Parrales <>
Thu Feb 5 11:32:19 1998
The World really isnt a better place with out you Frank.

By Rebecca J. Parrales
Location: miami fl US

Age:[ 37 ] Gender:[ f ]


	Who knows why a person decides to end his life and for what reason. My
life has changed by a final act of desperation. I will never forget the day I
was told that my daughters father shot himself in the head and ended his young
life at 35 years old. That's the same age as I was at the time. You ask why??
You have so many questions but most of all you wished that person never left.
That is what happened to me and its very sad. Frank was my child hood sweetheart
we married right out of high school and had a daughter that same year. We
struggled to make ends meet and if anyone would have asked me if I ever thought
Frank would commit suicide back then I would have said "NO WAY". We divorced
after 7 years and went our own ways. But we always remained friends.

 I stayed single for 7 years and Frank remarried after 2 years. He moved to
Chicago and we just lost touch. He had recently moved back to Miami. I saw him
on our daughter's 17 birthday. He seemed so happy to see me as I was to see him.
It was like seeing and old friend. He phoned his daughter that same nite to wish
her "Happy Birthday" and promised to see her real soon. That chance never came
as 1 month later he decided to take his own life, What I found out is that he
was married to a selfish..self centered woman. She treated Frank so mean. He was
so sad and I just imagine he had not really thought about what he was doing.
There was no note left. He had a fight with his wife the police found a letter
from the wife asking for a divorce and a hefty financial sttlement. I found out
that Frank was working day and nite to pay for debts. His wife never worked. I
feel so very sorry for Frank because even though I was only his ex-wife I feel
as I lost a precious part of my life and my daughter lost her dad and now Frank
has a little granddaughter only 5 months old who will never know her
grandfather. Well not in this lifetime. They say time heals all wounds. Suicide
is such a useless death and people have to realize that they have a purpose
here. There is always a tommorrow. I guess I just feel so bad because I never
got to tell Frank that.  

-- Rebecca J. Parrales . . . [ ]

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