Date: Sun, 31 Dec 95 22:58:54 4000
From: Jason Schmidt []
Subject: Death

Reflections of My Grandpa

This is a true story that took place at rose medical center on December 15, 1995. An 81 year old man was to have hart surgrey this morning the man was my grandfather. Ervin went into hart surgrey at 8:30 had been a problem when the doctor took him off the bypass hart pump. I went in to the S I C U short for the surgical intensive care unit that evening and stayed by my gradfather in which was still suddated. All the family headed home because he was not expected to wake up tell the next afternoon. Shortly after we got home we were contacted by the hospital they said that my grandfather had taken a turn for the worst and we should go back to the hospital. We arrived back at the hospital and went directly to the S I C U and found the doctor trying to pace his hart. The doctor told us to go out to the waiting room. Three minutes after a nurse came out and told us to come back and see Ervin for the last minute of his life, we did. The nurse started shuting off the machines. We watched as that was the end of his life. The man died at 81 years of age 700 miles away from his home. We ended up having him imbombed in lewistown. He was layed to rest on Wensday December 20,1995.

We the family found exceptince in his passing by the reminder of what he always said "its not the quanity of life but the quality."

- - - - - Jason Schmidt

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