By: Erin <>
Mon Mar 9 16:22:11 1998
The End
just a poem
By Erin
Location: CT US

Age:[ 16 ] Gender:[ F ]

	i didn't lose my friend to death, 
	but it feels like i did, 	
	and i	wouldn't mind to die...   

	I cry everyday, 
	i lost a great friend, 
	how can i be so stupid, 
	to let this all end,  
	look at what i've started, 
	look at what i've done today, 
	no wait dont look now yet, 
	let me first, go run away,  
	so likely to die, 
	i dont' know where i went wrong, 
	no way i could live, 
	i dont' think i can wait that long  

	i am selling my soul, 
	the devil-- he pays, 
	i dont' have to wait long, 
	just a couple of days,  
	this will all be over,
	i will be gone, 
	your life will be better, 
	i guess this, is "so long",  
	i will miss you so much, 
	i will be here for you, 
	as your gaurdian angel, 
	unless you don't want me to,  
	i love you so much,
	please don't forget, 
	the friendship we had, 
	the day that we met,

  	i was so happy, 
	we were so great, 
	so why does it now, 
	all have to end in fate,  

	please answer one question, 
	before i do go, 
	if i die today 
	without saying goodbye, 
	would you remember me 
	when you awoke tomorrow?  

	i tell you this now,  
	my life long friend,  
	i will love you forever, 
	and i dont want it to end.  

	you are like my sister,
	you are a great friend, 
	sorry i wasnt there, 
	sorry i made it end,
	if i could make it all better, 
	it would be all done, 
	we would be back to normal,  
	i would not have to run.  

	well this is end, 
	i am going to go, 
	to go rest in my bed, 
	for how long? 
	i do not know. 

-- Erin . . . [ ]

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