By: Your Daughter Donna <>
Fri Nov 26 22:30:00 1999
Why Dad?
The answers I seek
By Your Daughter Donna
Age:[ 39 ] Gender:[ F ]

	Dad, you have been gone for 3 years now and it only seems like
yesterday.  There are so many words of wisdom you gave me but I never
took the time to understand.  I am with regret now that my personal
issues with you were never discussed with you.  I realize now that I
am not responsible for what you did to me when I was little.  At your
funeral, all of your friends came.  They would speak of the wonderful
man you were, but I knew you differently.  I am only now realizing what
impact you have had on my life especially with intimate relationships.
I wish you never touched me.  I hate myself for not putting up a fight,
but I was a little girl and didnt know any better.  I have come to
terms with our secret relationship but I still cannot forgive you.
I want to, but I cant.  I regret that I didnt push to know more about
my adoption and how I came to be a member of your family.  I walk
around like a question mark enveying all who know their back ground
and where they come from.  Why didnt we have that open communication
all those years.  I realize now that I was scared of you. I want to
remember you the way your friends do.  Maybe sometime when my time
comes, I will have all the answers I seek, until then I walk along
without direction.  I sincerely hope you "went to the good place"
so I can meet up with you to get the answers I seek.

-- Your Daughter Donna . . . [ ]

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