By: Jim Dean <>
Fri Nov 12 12:39:00 1999
Tribute To My Grandfather
Miss you deeply
By Jim Dean
Location: Lumber City Georgia US

Age:[ 34 ] Gender:[ Male ]

	This is a tribute to someone that I miss with all my heart, a very
special man, that I spent ALOT of my childhood with. I can remember
helping him sell vegetables and and I spent time with him when I
got home from school.  My dad was close to him, he would help in the
garden and harvest the veggies that he grew.  Ever Saturday Morning
I would go over to my his house early, have breakfast and then I
would open up his vegetable stand and stay there until the sun went
 Christmas was another story, he would dress up the outside
of the house with a life like Nativity scene, and lights all the way
across the house that would really give you that warm fuzzy Christmas
feeling. Christmas morning we would have dinner then we would all
open presents, it was a joyous time, for my Aunt and Uncle would come
in from Ohio.
 New Years we would go to Lancaster Pennsylvania,
were we would go to Willow Valley Farms and have New Years dinner,
spend time together and recover from a food hang over...........

 I went into the Army and we were apart, I kept tabs on him, my
mom would say hello to him for me, and he would always ask how I am
 Then, I got out of the service in 93', here in Ga,
married a Southern Gal and saw him only one time  :)
 Then one
day I got a phone call at 2:45am, just got in from work, laid down,
and then that fateful news came across.........
 My mom called and
said that he passed away at home, slipped off quitely in his sleep,
no pain, no sadness, only peaceful eternal sleep
 I never got to go
to the Funeral, I tried, but I had a very unsupportive wife..........

 I wanted to go, to see him just one last time. Now as I sit here
and type these words, I have a heavy burden in my heart.
 For 5
years ago he passed away, I never got to tell him that I loved him,
I wish he could see his granddaughter, he would love her so much.
He would love the wife I have now, he would love to pick on her. He
loved to pick at people.
 Many of you are prolly wondering who I am
talking about, well, it's my grandfather, and as tears are rolling
down my face right now, I am here to say that Grandpa, I love you,
I miss you and I wish you were with us.........I know that your in a
better place, and one day, one day, I know that we will be together misses you, and dad does to, and grandma is fine and
 I love you Grandpa.........I miss you

-- Jim Dean . . . [ ]

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