Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 14:17:20 -0400

From: Kevin (
Subject: Bardo Studies

Thanks for your e-mail reply. I hope that this information will be of use.

About six weeks ago my secretary's boyfriend passed away in an automobile
accident. Since then I have a had a few dreams relating to death. Below are
the one's I remember pretty vividly.

In one dream my secretary (Theresa) and I were in the cemetery where her
friend (Dave) is buried. As she was placing flowers on his grave I started
to walk away so she could be alone when I saw a headstone with her name on
it. I mentioned to her how ironic it was that Dave was buried next to
someone with the same name as hers. Theresa said that the headstone and
grave was hers that she recently bought so that she could be laid to rest
next to Dave after she died.

In another dream I was in a funeral home and a man came up to me and asked
if I was here for Theresa's wake. After I asked him what he meant he
explained that she had died the previous night. I walked around and found
the room where she was laid out. The casket was open and, just as the man
had said, there was my secretary laid out in her favorite short white dress.
The man then came into the room and said that I should not be there because
the viewing period had not started yet. He closed the casket and asked me to

In another dream again I was in a room, I assume a funeral home, where there
were about 10 caskets. All the caskets were open except for one. I went up
to  closed one and wanted to open it to see who, if anybody, was inside. As
I was about to open it I woke up.

I hope the above will be of use and/or interest to death/dying
studies. You can e-mail me if you have any questions. Thank you for your
time and concideration.


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