By: Diane Tue May 11 16:37:52 1999
Location: London Ontario Canada

	The last time I saw Candy was in the summer of '98 in Port Bruce,
 We had gone our separate ways over the years but it was always great to
see her. The next time I heard of Candy was when my husband ran into her and
Wayne (her husband) at the hospital. She had been diagnosed with cancer just
recently. I know I should have called her but my heart was breaking just
thinking of what she must be going through. It may be selfish, but I am glad I
didn't see her. That was not Candy. Candy was the silver grey haired
sophisticated lady who you could have the best times with. I remember eating
red licorice with her while she cried her eyes out at the theatre watching
"Out of Africa". I remember the crazy toy dart gun fight we all had together.
I remember the time we sat on her kitchen floor and drank vodka and poured our
hearts out to each other while our guys watched the hockey game in the living
room. But best of all, I remember her great sense of humour and love of life.
It is true, only the good die young. Candy I will miss you but I'm glad you
are no longer in pain. You were to fine a person to have to live life in any
other way but to the fullest.


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