From: Liz []
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 20:51:01 -0800
Daddy's farewell visit
Memories of a 5 year old
By Liz
Location: Texas US

Age:[ 47 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: This memory later helped me to find a loving God, not that punishing one in the Bible.

	My daddy was killed in an auto crash when I was 5 years old.  I
had a memory of talking to him.  I tried to convince myself that it was
just my imagination or something else that caused the memory to stay with
me throughout the years.  I tried to talk about it on occasion, but always
met with snickers or worried expressions.  Today, at the age of 47, I
still remember the event as if it were only yesterday.  Daddy sat on the
edge of my bed and woke me up.  He said that he was going away for a long
time, but that he loved me very much.  He also said, "Your mother is
crying and I need you to go tell her that I'm happy and for her not to
cry, but that I won't be home tonight or for a very long time".  He kissed
me and walked out of my room.  I got up to follow him, but he was gone.  I
remembered what he had told me to do and went to Mama's room.  She was
still up and crying.  I told her what Daddy had said to me.  She started
crying again, got angry, and told me to go back to bed. 

I'm so glad that after all these years, I can finally admit to the
deep-down feeling that I've always believed my Daddy did indeed come back
to tell me goodbye.  Thank you. 


-- Liz . . . [ ]

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