By: Becky <>
Thu Feb 26 13:01:07 1998
My wonderful father
William Andrew Kesler
By Becky
Location: Aledo Il US

Age:[ 18 ] Gender:[ f ]

                          My Wonderful Father
                         William Andrew Kesler
                         02/11/50  -  07/01/92 

I miss you so much!  
I was only 12 when you left my world.  My life has never been
the same.  There is a big hole in my life that can never be replaced.
I miss your laugh the most!  Graduation and my wedding are going to
be so hard without you.  I pray every night to ask God if he will
let me talk to you.  Sometimes I can feel your presence.  You were a
great father and I have never understood why  God decided to take you.
But that is one of those questions that never will be answered.
                                    Your Daughter

-- Becky . . . [ ]

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