Tue Feb 17 15:05:48 1998
Just a Child...
In Memory of Christopher.
By NiCole
Location: Woodbury New Jersey US

Age:[ 18 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: You wouldn't remember me, but I remember you.

	I took a survey about death a few minutes ago, and I realized, it
affects everyone around me, too. Many off my friends were supportive,
and that helped me cope with my feelings, and that's what I was to
Christopher's friends, also. Christopher was only 16 years old, and he
had EVERYTHING going for him. He was already in his second stringband,
and he played for his high school band, and he was planning to go
to college. And he grew up in a bad neighborhood. So he was like a
weed growing in the cracks of the city's pavement. Even when he was
younger, and things didn't go his way, he still had a smile, and was
trying to stay happy.  

  And then on March 14th, he was murdered. Hearing what happened just
  made me go numb. We hadn't talked in a while, because I had moved,
  but I remembered when we went to Maryland together, and how he always
  tried to get me to quit smoking. He really was a good kid. A special
  kid. The day he was murdered, I expect that he was in a good mood. He
  was going to pick up his paycheck from work, then go get ready for
  his junior prom. But he never got the check. 
  Two men came into the store, demanded money from the registers, and
  shot Chris, saying Chris went for his gun. What gun? Chris would
  never have a gun, and he wasn't going to hurt anyone. He was just too
  nice. But the one man shot him anyway. then he and his accomplice ran
  off with $63.00. Talk about a raw deal... Chris was saving his money
  to go to Mardi Gras this year with the South Philly Stringband...but
  that will never happen.
 The best thing out of his death was how a
  torn community of Grays Ferry united, and stuck together, although
  racially divided. so many people attended the funeral, many friends,
  but many strangers who saw the coverage the news gave his murder,
  that just wanted the family to know people cared. That was great. And
  if you went, I'd like to thank you as a friend of Chris's. I know
  Chris is missed by many of his old classmates from St. Gabriel's
  School, especially the Class of '93. and classmates from St. John
  Nueman High, Class of '98 and all the other classes, too.

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