By: Chrissy Jackson <>
Thu Mar 18 12:31:43 1999
Carol's Peace
By Chrissy Jackson
Location: Seymour CT US

Age:[ 31 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: Married w/2 1/2 yr old daughter

	The end of day is always here
When faithfully, the stars appear
No sounds are heard from the sky
The time has come, the time to die
Know that you have nothing to fear
Though we'll miss you and want you here
It takes some time to understand
Why people leave us for another land
God only takes the ones who care
We must let go, he needs you there
This was His plan all along
You're needed in Heaven to sing His song
Though loved ones are left behind
You'll be an Angel to help and guide
You'll have no pain, you'll be safe
You'll have your wings, beauty and grace

-- Chrissy Jackson . . . [ ]

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