By: motherhen/sister
Thu Aug 23 15:25:32 2001
My Butterfly-My Sister
Signs from the other side
By motherhen/sister
Age:[ 41 ] Gender:[ F ]

	My sister Carol was murdered on June 26, 1998 by her live-in boyfriend
of 2 years. Carol lived as a free spirit all of her life and we knew
she was special from the time she was born. She was always doing
silly things to make people laugh and enjoy life around her. when
she was a teenager she loved the song Dog and Butterfly by 'Heart.'

One day, recently after her burial, I was visiting her grave, and I
was walking away from the graveyard when I seen a beautiful monarch
butterfly(which was unusual in our area). It had flown right in front
of my face and landed right beside of me so I went to see if I could
Pick it up. Every few steps it would flutter away from me and go in the
direction of Carol's grave. 

I followed it each time it would stop and take off again. Eventually it
led me right back to Carol's grave. I took it that she wasn't ready for me
to leave yet. Maybe she wasn't done visiting. 

Anyway It made me feel better and I believe it was her way of letting me
know she was still around. I had a hard time dealing with the loss of my
sister I ended up with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and needed therapy.

It has been three years now and I am doing better only because I know that
My Butterfly Sister is still around. 

-- motherhen/sister . . .

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