By: Neatery <>
Wed Sep 5 18:49:44 2001
i knew her but not for very long
then she was gone......
By Neatery
Age:[ 17 ] Gender:[ f ]

	i didn't know her for very long, but of what i did know she was
special, there was just something about her, great friends, loving
husband and two beautiful girls.  I meet her maybe 1 month before she
died, when i got told i strat away went into denial, it couldn't be
true she only picked me up after school the day before, at least she
died in her favouraite month September, three years on and i still
haven't really gotten over what happened it was so sudden no one
had time to say goodbye, well lyn this is the time to say goodbye,
goodbye lyn you live forever in our hearts and never forgotten.

-- Neatery <>

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