By: Christy <>
Wed Apr 3 17:23:21 2002
In Memory of my cousin
Becki J Roberds
Nov 13, 1985 - Jan 16, 2002
By Christy
Location: Camden, OH =USA=

Age:[ Teen ] Gender:[ F ]

	On January 16, 2002 my cousin Becki was on her way to
school. It was about 7:22am, and she was running late because she
went to pick up someone.   A guy that went to Eaton High School
came upon the wreck and he called for help; now he has to go to
therapy for it.

Becki had flipped her car several times from front to back, going
around a curve too fast.  She was only 16 and she was a cheerleader
at Preble Shawnee High School in Preble County.  There was another
girl in the car, but she lived.   She was 16 too. 

They said Becki was still breathing when the paramedics arrived and
then they lost her when CareFlight was on their way, so they told
them to turn around, they took care of it...... 

Well that's pretty much it.    This was the day that changed my
whole life forever and I will never forget her. I love her and miss
her so much it is unreal;  she was my favorite and closest cousin

May she rest in peace! 

-- Christy <>

Wed Apr 3 17:23:21 2002
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