By: Michelle
Mon Feb 19 12:42:25 2001
7 White Doves
Goodbye Tammy
By Michelle
Location: Woodland Hills CA US

Age:[ 39 ] Gender:[ F ]

	The first day of First Grade, my daughter and I were looking for her
new classroom. We met another mom & her daughter, Tammy & Brittany who ended up
being in the same class together and we have been best friends since that day. 

Now both in 8th grade, I can't even begin to count the times the girls have
been at my house or Tammy's house. Both single mom's, we were a support system
for eachother and loved eachothers kid like they were our own. We were family. 

Early Thursday morning 2/8/01 we got a frantic call from Brittany that her
mommy is not waking up! She is stiff & cold & purple. Tammy had died in her
sleep.  I saw the coroner take her out in a blue body bag. Please let this just
be a bad dream!!

She was buried on Friday 2/16/01 and 7 white doves were released. As I watched
them circle the cemetary and then fly off over the hillside, it hit me hard
that I would never see my sweet friend again. Game's final, gone

No more laughs, sushi, movies, bbq's, girltalk. She had a heart of gold and a
smile so big it could light up a room. She was dynamic, alive, always fit,
worked out daily, a nutritionist/dietician. WHY & HOW does this happen that a
41 year old vibrant, healthy woman has to leave a 14 year old daughter behind?

To never see her pride and joy go through all the precious milestones of
life???  I cannot stop crying. I don't know how to deal with this loss. It
makes me afraid. I don't want to die. I want to live & grow old. To see my baby
graduate, marry, become a mom.

To see Tammy in a coffin and put in the ground was so sad and tragic. It
frightens me. I wish I could be stronger. Tammy, I will always watch over
Brittany for you. Goodbye beautiful friend and THANK YOU for all your love and

-- Michelle . . .

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