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Thu Oct 29 14:21:46 1998
My Baby Brother
Location: KY US

Age:[ 15 ] Gender:[ f ]

	Last year my mother found our she was pregnant.  Being a first child
with a brother that I fight with constantly this was a big shock.
I was 14 and I never expected a new addition to the family.  After time
wore away the shock I became excited.  I even went to the doctor
with my mom and found out that it was a boy.  We were to name it Eli
Christor, after my dad.  During her sixth month she became concerned
so she went to the doctor.  That day is a day that I'll never forget.
My dad came to school to pick me up and I could tell that something was
wrong.  He said the baby was still born.  All I remember was falling
to the floor in the school and crying as hard as I possibly could.
By the sixth month of her pregnancy you don't really expect that to
happen.  Well she went and had the baby the next day.  I didn't see
him but my mom did.  She said he was perfect in every way, except he
wasn't alive.  We had a small grave site service.  The casket was so
tiny.  Still to this day I remember how that one day changed my life.
I wonder what I or any other member of my family did to deserve this.
I supppose it was just an act of God.  I know though that my whole
family will one day be reunited with our little rosebud.

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