From: Sharon []
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 20:24:09 -0800
How I feel about assisted suicide

By Sharon
Location: Reno Nevada US

Age:[ 55 ] Gender:[ F ]


	I am so glad to be able to find a place to say what I feel. I just
finished watching 60 Minutes and I am really upset at the doctor
who disagrees with assisted suicides. He admits to giving dying
patients large quanity of drugs stating he is not assisting in their
death, he is treating their pain. I believe in assisted suicide.
I took care of a wonderful woman (Helene). She had Super Nuclear
Palsy. This is rare. It locks the muscles and joints up. She couldn't
open her mouth and teeth. I pureed her food and she sucked it in her
mouth through her over bite. Then the time came when she could 
no longer suck the food in. She refused a feeding tube. She couldn't
drink water or take food in. I watched her die cell by cell. It took
13 days for her to go to god and I stayed with her. Now is this a
dignified way to die? I don't think so. If she could have had the
help of a Doctor she would have left this earth easier. The body was
gone but her mind was clear. I am glad I found this page. I think I
feel a little better. I love taking care of the Hospice people but
to really understand you have to be a caregiver who is with the
sick many hours a day.

-- Sharon . . . [ ]

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