By: Barbie <Buzzin625at>
Wed Sep 27 07:21:24 2006
In Memory of:
Ashley Nicole Risinger
By Barbie
Location: Hedgesville wv US

Age:[ 20 ] Gender:[ f ]

Ashley Risinger was a great friend to me and everyone around her. 

Even our great friend Derrick Fritts.

Ashley passed away at 20 years old when the jeep she was a passenger in 
flipped several times. 

Derrick however was 16 when he was the passenger on a 4 wheeler
and the 4 wheeler hit a dump truck.  Both people were really sweet to
everyone and nothing in this world would make me change the way I feel 
about them both.   

       They were great people.  God rest their souls.

  			 Rest in Peace 

  Derrick Mitchell Fritts          Ashley Nicole Risinger

Jan 21, 1985 - Jun 21, 2001        Jun 5,1983 - Dec 17,2003

-- Barbie <Buzzin625at>

Wed Sep 27 07:21:24 2006
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