By: Norma L. Padro <>
Tue Jan 11 17:59:41 2000
Coming back from home
By Norma L. Padro
Location: NY NY US

Age:[ 33 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: I wish for any one to feel free to write me an email anytime

	This story is a reminder of how beautiful life is. I went into
respiratory arrest in 1992 while having an asthma attack. Before it
happened I felt afraid to die, but it came too quickly. I saw bright
golden light and it felt very peaceful. I feel that a lot of people
are afraid of the unknown until it happens to them. Life is very
beautiful my only advice to people is live it fully and respect your
body, and other people too. Sincerily Norma L. Padro

-- Norma L. Padro . . . [ ]

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